Getting Clean Electricity

You have a number of options to supply your home with clean electricity. Installing solar electricity (PV) is a great way to transition a portion of your home’s electricity to clean sources. If you are not ready or able to invest in a solar PV system, buying clean electricity or participating in community solar are two other ways to begin the transition to clean energy.

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Electric Vehicles

Transitioning your car to an electric vehicle (EV) will dramatically reduce your household’s greenhouse gas emissions, while saving you money on the fuel costs and maintenance that are customary with a gas-powered automobile.

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Other Appliances

In addition to your heating, cooling, hot water, and electric system, appliances in your home also contribute to your greenhouse gas emissions. Switching your appliances to be powered by electricity will reduce your dependence on fossil fuels and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, especially as more renewable energy sources are added to the electric grid.

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