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Benefits of community solar

Joining a local community solar farm is a great way to bring clean energy home.

Lower greenhouse gas emissions

Protect the climate by using locally-produced clean electricity

Save on electricity bills

You will receive credits every month on your electric bill. The amount credited will depend on the amount of community solar electricity you’ve signed up for

Minimal costs and commitment

Since you won’t need to install solar panels, the upfront costs of going solar with a community solar provider are minimal. It is a subscription service

No hassle

Anyone who pays their own electric bill, including renters and condo owners, can participate in a community solar project

The Technology

How It Works

When you subscribe to community solar, you can power your home with low-cost clean energy and support clean energy deployment. You can also receive net metering credits or offsets towards your electric bill.

To get started, investigate community solar projects in MA. Community solar options through each provider are subject to change based on current availability. Then, review the terms of any subscription(s) in your area – the state of Massachusetts has helpful advice on how to evaluate your choices.

Community solar is ideal for:

Homes without available roof space or sun exposure | Renters | Condo owners | Homeowners who want electricity at a low cost


What is community solar?

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Even if you can’t install solar panels where you live, you may be able to benefit from the power of the sun with community solar.

Community Solar Marketplace

Community Solar Subscription Managers

Does your company provide community solar subscriptions in MA? If so, email to propose listing your organization here.

Please note MassCEC has absolute discretion to approve or deny a request to list an organization on our website.

*Disclaimer: MassCEC has not investigated, and MassCEC expressly disclaims any duty to investigate any company, product, service, process procedure, design, or other matter regarding community solar presented on this website. The entire risk of use of any installer, equipment vendor, company, product, service, process, procedure, or design is assumed by the customer.


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