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Tony’s Heat Pump Water Heater

A Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) is a hot water heater that transfers heat from the surrounding indoor air, instead of burning fossil fuels to generate heat. It’s three times more efficient than a conventional hot water system, and provides many other benefits.

Bolton resident Tony replaced an aging electric resistance tank in his home with a heat pump water heater. Tony measured the electricity usage of his water heaters before and after replacement and found that water heating electricity usage dropped from 8 kWh/day to approximately 3 kWh/day (not counting savings from nearly eliminating dehumidifier usage), translating to savings of nearly $400 per year. The heat pump water heater paid for itself in less than five years and helped Tony and his family continue their journey towards minimizing household greenhouse gas emissions.

Despite replacing his old oil furnace with a heat pump three years into owning the system (and eliminating a source of waste heat in his basement), Tony has reported that his basement remains stable around 62°F when unconditioned.

Photo courtesy of Tony

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Heat Pump Water Heater

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