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Robert’s New Heat Pump Clothes Dryer

Malden resident Robert improved his home’s energy efficiency and everyday routine by investing in a heat pump clothes dryer. He opted for a 6 cubic foot model, which is called “full-size” in the U.S. market.

While shopping for the dryer required some perseverance, he eventually found one online, which would be delivered and installed in his home by a local vendor. He was even able to receive a $50 dollar rebate on the dryer through the Mass Save/ENERGY STAR incentive program, which is available to most Massachusetts residents.

The installation process was simple and quick, since he already had a compatible 240-volt outlet in the laundry cupboard next to his kitchen. Since upgrading from the electric condensing dryer he used previously, Robert has not noticed a major difference in drying time.

He appreciates how much gentler the dryer is on clothing, and that it is quieter than any other dryer he’s had.

A concern for some homeowners is that the dryer gives off residual heat when in use. While Robert agreed that the dryer does give off some warmth, he assures that it is not bothersome. He was also able to avoid having to manually empty the water tray, because the water drainage pipe was installed to feed into the wastewater pipe from the washing machine.

Overall, Robert is very satisfied with his decision to invest in a new heat pump clothes dryer. “I feel better knowing that I’m reducing my home’s emissions, while also saving some money on my energy bill,” he says.

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