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Meg’s New Induction Stove 

With a toddler running around the house, Meg, a Jamaica Plain triple-decker resident, was looking for ways to make her home safer and more efficient. When she learned about induction stoves, and the many benefits they provide, she knew it was the right fit: “Especially because we have a child, we’re interested in safety and air quality. Induction is the leader in those categories. Also, of course, we wanted to get one more fossil fuel appliance out of our home!”

Meg was already in the market for a new stove, since her old gas stove was in bad shape. The induction stove was the perfect replacement, because it removed the risks of indoor air pollution and fire that come along with cooking with an open gas flame: “Even if my toddler somehow climbed up and turned on the knobs without me seeing, the burners wouldn’t put out heat unless there was a pot on the burner.” Aside from the stove’s safety features, Meg appreciates that it heats up quickly and is easy to clean.

The transition to the new stove was simple! A contractor came to cap the gas line and install a new, higher-voltage outlet to accommodate the new model. Most of Meg’s pots and pans were already compatible with the stove, so she only had to make a few replacements. Now Meg and her family can enjoy spending time in the kitchen together, knowing they are safer and have taken a step towards reducing their home’s emissions.

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