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Ground-Source Heat Pump Installed in a Winchester Home

Achieve Renewable Energy Systems, LLC installed a ground-source heat pump system in a 2,890 square foot home in Winchester, Massachusetts. The house consists of the original home, constructed in 1937, and an addition, constructed in 2005. Prior to installing ground-source heat pumps, the house was heated by a fuel oil boiler supplying baseboards in the original home, and hydronic forced air in the addition; air-conditioning was installed only in the addition. The fuel oil use was very high with over 2,000 gallons consumed annually.

The homeowners primarily wanted to eliminate the use of fuel oil because of adverse health effects, but they were also interested in improving comfort, reducing operating costs, and reducing carbon emissions.

After conducting an energy audit that showed the house was poorly insulated and inefficient, Achieve increased insulation in the attics, walls, and basements prior to installation. The energy efficiency upgrades allowed Achieve to install a smaller system, lowering the project costs and operating expenses for the homeowners. The ground-source heat pump system consists of two heat pumps and two bore holes, each with a depth of 380 feet.

After the ground-source heat pump installation, fuel oil use was eliminated. The homeowners report a dramatic improvement in comfort, especially on cold days. This is a result of both the ground-source heat pump installation and the energy efficiency upgrades. The homeowners say that the ground-source heat pump is much quieter than their old heating system and the heating operating costs are noticeably lower. The homeowners averaged over $300 per month in energy savings during 2019.

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