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Beverly Replaces Her Car with An Electric Vehicle

“I had one car, a twelve year old Prius, for our family. For a while, I’ve been wanting to purchase an electric vehicle (EV). When my oldest son needed a car for a job in Vermont, it was the perfect excuse for me to get an electric vehicle.

Green Energy Consumer’s Alliance was incredibly helpful in answering my questions and narrowing down which models would be best for me. They also pre-negotiate bulk prices at many dealerships in Massachusetts. Teslas were too pricey for me. I seriously considered buying a Chevy Bolt (several of my friends love theirs). There were a number of 3 year old Bolts coming off leases. But in the end, I sprang for a 2020 Nissan Leaf with a 230 mile range.

I am so pleased with my purchase! The $7,500 federal tax credit and $2,500 state incentive certainly didn’t hurt, but the big win for me is avoiding the hassle of maintenance and oil changes. With no internal combustion engine, there is very little to maintain, and I also get to avoid having to go to gas stations. I am just using the trickle 110 volt outlet in my garage for now since I drive so little. Because I buy 100% renewable electricity, my EV is a great choice for the climate.”

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