4 ways Mass Save® can help you save money

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Guest Blog by Ellen Sirull, EnergySage

If you live in Massachusetts, we have four great ways that you can save money on efficient, clean energy solutions through incentives and rebates with Mass Save®. In order to be eligible for Mass Save® programs and incentives, you must have electric or gas service with one of the Mass Save® sponsors. The sponsors of Mass Save® include Berkshire Gas, Cape Light Compact, Eversource, Liberty Utilities, National Grid, and Unitil.


1. Get a no-cost home energy assessment

One of the best starting points is to get an energy assessment. It doesn’t cost anything, sets you up to understand more about which areas of your home might benefit from some energy efficient updates, and is also the first step in leveraging all of the Mass Save® programs and incentives. Learn more about the Mass Save® energy assessments and sign up for yours online.


2. Upgrade to energy efficient solutions with the HEAT Loan

After you get an energy assessment, you can look at the HEAT Loan, which provides 0% financing for up to $25,000 of energy-efficient home upgrades. Eligible upgrades include air source heat pumps (central or ductless mini-split), ground source heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, insulation, and more. Get all of the details about eligibility and applying for the HEAT Loan here.


3. Use the HEAT Loan to get heat pumps

Specifically, you can use the HEAT Loan to electrify your heating and cooling with air source heat pumps. Many Massachusetts homeowners are able to save money, especially when switching from oil or electric resistance heating. One plus of heat pumps is that they can help with both heating and cooling, compared to a boiler, furnace, or oil, which just heat your home, or an air conditioner, which just cools your home. Check out this complete guide to getting heat pumps with the HEAT Loan, including how to qualify, steps to getting it, and what you’ll need to do after installing heat pumps.


4. Take advantage of heat pump rebates

In addition to the HEAT Loan, you can also qualify for heat pump rebates if you select an air source heat pump that is on the Mass Save® approved equipment list.


Bonus savings: income-eligible programs

If your income qualifies, you may also be eligible for additional savings through Mass Save®. These savings include free insulation upgrades and increased rebates on installing more energy-efficient heating equipment, like heat pumps. Learn more about these programs here and you can also use the Mass Save® online tool to see if you qualify.


The bottom line: savings are available!

Most Massachusetts homeowners have opportunities to save through Mass Save®. It’s just a matter of determining what energy saving upgrade makes the most sense for you and finding out which incentives and rebates are available for that particular upgrade. You can also work with a trusted Mass Save® contractor to help you figure out what options might have the biggest impact on saving energy (and money) in your home.


Guest author bio:

Ellen Sirull
Ellen is a writer with EnergySage, an online marketplace and resource for consumers to learn about clean energy solutions including solar, community solar, heat pumps, electric vehicles, and more. She’s been writing for over 20 years, with a focus over the last couple of years on helping make renewable energy more accessible and understandable. She earned an undergraduate degree in Journalism from the University of Georgia and an MBA from Kennesaw State University. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family in Massachusetts (while powering their home and EV on solar!).

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