Ground-Source Heat Pump Installed In 18th Century Home

Anastasia and Ezekiel installed a ground-source heat pump system in 2019 to heat and cool their two-unit home and have been extremely pleased with the outcome. Before the installation, their 18th century home was heated by an oil burner with baseboard distribution. They have been enjoying the increased comfort from the ground-source heat pump. “It’s definitely quieter,” Ezekiel stated, “The system circulates the air around which is nice as the air is a bit fresher, less stagnant, especially when you wake up in the morning. The house is a little drier.”

As part of the installation, the family had ductwork installed in their antique home. Although this was a challenging aspect of the project, the end result was excellent. Ezekiel calculated a break even point of 12-17 years for replacing his oil heat with a ground-source heat pump. This includes the cost of installing ductwork, which was one third of the project cost.

In addition to their heat pump, they also installed solar PV on their roof and purchased an electric car, in their quest to become a fossil-fuel free household. Ezekiel is very motivated to reduce his impact on the planet and feels that “a sustainable future needs to be profitable, more fun and more comfortable, or there’s no chance of it getting done.” He is pleased to report “so far, so good” on all those fronts.

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