What is a Heat Pump Clothes Dryer?

Heat Pump Clothes Dryers extract moisture from your clothes by circulating warm air within a self-contained system, eliminating the need for an exhaust vent.

The Technology

How It Works

  • The clothes dryer is powered by utility-supplied electricity or by solar electricity if you have solar panels
  • Electric condenser coils heat air that moves into the dryer’s rotating drum
  • Hot air that contains moisture from the damp clothes exits the drum and is cooled by evaporator coils
  • Moisture drains away through a hose or collects in a removable tray for you to dump out later
  • The cycle begins again with condenser coils heating the air that enters the dryer’s drum


“Ask This Old House” Explanation of Heat Pump Clothes Dryers

This Old House | 4 min.

Why Should I Consider a Heat Pump Clothes Dryer?

Compared to a conventional electric dryer, energy savings can be up to 60%.

Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Lower greenhouse gas emissions, compared to conventional electric or gas dryers

Save Money

Energy savings of up to 60% compared to a conventional electric dryer


Compact design and no need for outdoor ventilation make it suitable for almost any living space

Easy To Install

Plug it in to the same outlet you’d use for a conventional electric dryer. No drains or penetrations through the wall are needed.

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