What does buying clean electricity mean?

80% of the electricity consumed in Massachusetts currently comes from fossil fuel sources. However, you can opt in to purchase cleaner electricity through your electric utility or an alternative supplier. Anyone who pays an electric bill, including renters, can buy clean electricity.

Where Clean Electricity Comes From:




Anaerobic Digesters

How It Works

  • See if your city/town offers municipal aggregation, a process where communities offer a discounted price for residents to purchase clean electricity. Municipal aggregation provides competitive pricing and ensures that the clean electricity contract is consumer-friendly.
  • If you don’t have the option of municipal aggregation, the Green Energy Consumer’s Alliance Green Powered Program provides clean electricity plans for most MA and RI residents. Sign up through their website.
  • Join the thousands of Massachusetts residents purchasing clean electricity, show your support for renewable energy, and increase the demand for clean electricity in the Commonwealth.

Other ways to provide clean electricity for your home

Solar Electricity: Installing a solar electricity system on your roof is a great way to transition part or all of your home’s electricity to clean sources. A solar electricity system uses electricity generated on-site by the solar panels to power your home. Installing a solar electricity system may be a larger up-front investment than purchasing clean electricity but pays for itself over time and can become a revenue-generating asset for the owner.

Community Solar: With community solar, a solar electricity system is installed on a suitable roof or parcel of land, and then participants who live elsewhere sign up to receive benefits from the system, either by receiving net metering credit, or offsets toward their electric bill. Participants get benefits from a solar electricity system without the large upfront investment or need for suitable roof space for solar panels, save money, and support clean energy deployment.

Clean Energy Solutions for Your Home

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