Benefits of buying clean electricity

Purchasing electricity from offsite renewable energy sources is a great way to bring clean energy home.

Lower greenhouse gas emissions

Protect the climate by using locally-produced clean electricity

Minimal costs and commitment

Since the suggested methods of buying clean energy don’t require buying or installing equipment, just subscribing to a service, the upfront costs are minimal

No hassle

Anyone who pays their own electric bill, including renters and condo owners, can subscribe to programs that offer clean energy

The Technology

How It Works

More than 50% of the electricity consumed in Massachusetts currently comes from fossil fuel sources. However, you can opt in to purchase cleaner electricity through your electric utility or an alternative supplier. Anyone who pays an electric bill, including renters, can buy clean electricity. Depending on what is available in your area, you may be able to purchase wind, solar, hydroelectric energy, or energy produced by anaerobic digesters.

These are all options for clean energy if you cannot or do not wish to install your own source of Solar Electricity or purchase power from Community Solar.

Buying Clean Electricity is ideal for:

Renters | Homes without available roof space or sun exposure | Homeowners who are not ready to install solar electricity at their home | As an alternative to Community Solar


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Share the power of clean electricity with community solar

We’re In This Together

Pledge to reduce your home’s carbon footprint by replacing old systems and appliances with clean energy technologies over time.

Join the Clean Energy Transformation

Let's work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our homes and build a clean energy future for Massachusetts.