Benefits of battery-powered outdoor equipment

Battery-powered outdoor equipment is better for the environment, is better for your health, and is easier to use.

Reduced Noise and Air Pollution

Battery-powered equipment is quieter and doesn’t produce any emissions

Lightweight and easy to start

It’s lighter, easier to maneuver, and starts with the push of a button

Lower maintenance

There is no oil to change, flammable fuel to store, or tune-ups needed

Reduced cost to operate

Battery-powered equipment is more efficient and reliable, so it costs less to operate

The Technology

How It Works

Battery-powered lawn and outdoor equipment are cordless tools powered by rechargeable batteries.
The lithium-ion batteries are light, long-lasting, and don’t lose power as the charge decreases.

Battery-powered equipment is available as:

Mowers | Leaf blowers | Trimmers | Chainsaws | Snowblowers


Testing Battery Powered Yard Tools

Ask This Old House | 5 min. 27 sec.

Ask This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook and landscape designer Jenn Nawada test out a variety of battery operated yard tools.

Incentives and Financing

Mass Save®

$30-$75 Rebate depending on equipment you’re buying

Municipal Light Plant

If you live in a town served by a Municipal Light Plant (MLP) check your MLP’s website for incentives and rebates.

General Price Ranges for Battery Powered Outdoor Equipment

Push Mowers 


Leaf Blowers








Things to Consider

If you answer yes to ANY of these questions, then Battery‑powered equipment may be a good fit for you

Gas-powered equipment emits greenhouse gases and other pollutants. It requires storing flammable fuel. Battery-powered equipment has no emissions and only requires recharging batteries.

When you’re ready to replace your current equipment, evaluate how battery-powered equipment might meet your needs.

Battery-powered equipment is lighter, more convenient to maneuver and turns on easily with the press of a button.

Battery-powered equipment is significantly quieter than gas-powered equipment, allowing you to have a more relaxing experience while doing yard work.

Raking, shoveling snow, and clipping shrubs are great ways to get outdoor exercise! However, if you find yourself in a different stage of life with other responsibilities or less mobility, battery-powered equipment can save time and enable you to do more yourself.

Everything You Need To Know About Battery-Powered Outdoor Equipment

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