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What is Automated Wood Heat?

Automated wood heat, or modern wood heat, is similar to a fossil fuel boiler or furnace, except it heats with sustainably sourced wood pellets instead. Visit Feel Good Heat to learn more about how sawmill scraps and sustainable forestry projects can power your heating system.


Bulk Pellet Storage

The Technology

How It Works

  • Wood pellets are delivered in bulk by truck.
  • The wood pellet heating system loads itself and self-cleans its heating coils.
  • Owners simply empty an ash container a few times a year.
  • Wood pellets are available from local, sustainably harvested sources.

Why Should I Consider Automated Wood Heat?

Automated wood heat provides a cleaner, greener heating solution that’s far more advanced than a wood stove.

Lower greenhouse gas emissions

Walk away from fossil fuels by heating your home and hot water with sustainably produced wood pellets

Save on Energy Bills

Wood pellet fuel prices are more stable than the volatile costs of fossil fuels. Save hundreds of dollars a year on heating costs

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Buy Local

Keep your dollars in the Northeast with locally sourced wood pellets instead of spending 90 cents of every dollar outside the region when buying fossil fuels

No Hassle

Forget splitting logs! No daily loading and minimal cleaning required

Things to Consider

Is automated wood heat right for me?

Switching to automated wood heating could save you hundreds a year on your home heating bill.

Buying locally sourced wood pellets keeps your heating dollars in New England as compared with 90 cents of every dollar leaving the state when heating with oil and gas.

Though a central pellet boiler takes up the same amount of space as a normal boiler, you will need additional pellet storage space that’s accessible by a delivery truck from the road or your driveway.

Forget splitting logs and constantly cleaning and reloading your stove! Automated wood pellet heating takes the hassle out of heating with wood while still letting you heat your home with sustainably harvested, locally sourced fuels.

If you’re heating with a 15+ year-old furnace or boiler, take advantage of this opportunity to replace it with a state-of-the-art modern wood heating system.

Oil prices spike up and down while wood pellet prices have remained stable at the equivalent of $2/gallon for the past eight years.

Your Guide to Automated Wood Heat for Your Home

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