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What is an Air-Source Heat Pump?

Air-source heat pumps are a flexible, cost-effective and energy-efficient option for both heating and cooling your home.

Indoor Unit

Outdoor Unit

The Technology

How It Works

  • Think of an air conditioner that can run in reverse. This cold climate heat pump uses electricity to power a compressor and transfer heat using the refrigeration cycle.
  • In the summer, it operates like an air conditioner to provide cooling, using the refrigerant to transfer heat out of your home.
  • In the winter, a heat pump operates in reverse, providing heating by extracting heat from the outdoor air.
  • The system may distribute air using your existing ductwork to heat or cool your home.
  • If your home does not have ductwork, ductless options are also available to provide heating and cooling to an individual room, part of your home, or your entire home.


How a Heat Pump Works

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Why Should I Consider an Air-Source Heat Pump?

An air-source heat pump offers a convenient and efficient heating and cooling system for a variety of home types.

Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Lower greenhouse gas emissions than heating and cooling with oil, propane, natural gas, and electric resistance

Cost Competitive

Save money on utility bills compared to heating with propane, oil, or electric resistance

See MassSave’s Electric Heating and Cooling rebates and HEAT Loan

All-in-One Comfort

Heating, cooling, and dehumidification in one system


Can be installed with or without ductwork to heat and cool an individual room or the whole home

Things to Consider

Are air-source heat pumps right for me?

Installing an air-source heat pump could save hundreds of dollars a year on your home heating and cooling bill, even if you’re not ready to replace your whole heating and cooling system.

Ductless air-source heat pumps can provide you with all the benefits of a quiet, central air conditioning system without needing to spend thousands of dollars to put in ductwork.

No need to replace your whole system; a ductless air-source heat pump can be installed just in the hot or cold zone to provide extra heating or cooling.

Consider an air-source heat pump as a cleaner, greener alternative to gas. Air-source heat pumps can provide heat for a lower cost and with lower emissions than oil, propane or electric resistance – with the benefit of high-efficiency air conditioning at the same time.

Ductless air-source heat pumps are often called “zoned home comfort solutions.” You can place indoor units in different zones of your home to heat or cool only the rooms you need.

Your system may be approaching the end of its expected lifetime. Before it fails, consider replacing your system with a more efficient ducted or ductless air-source heat pump with a more efficient ducted or ductless air-source heat pump. You may be eligible for rebates from MassCEC and Mass Save to offset the project cost.

Your Guide to Air-Source Heat Pumps for Your Home

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