Finding a solar installer

You can find a list of solar installers on our installer page.

Alternatively, installers who have installed solar systems in Massachusetts can be found using MassCEC’s Solar Costs and Performance Data, which offers the ability to filter for various project characteristics, such as size and location.

The links below also include directories and contact information for installers that work in the Commonwealth.

Disclaimer: The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) has not investigated, and expressly disclaims any duty to investigate, any company, product, service, process, procedure, design, or the like, which may be presented on the aforementioned websites. The presentation of these website links does not constitute endorsement, warranty, or guaranty, by MassCEC of any company, product, service, process, procedure, design, or the like. The entire risk of any information presented is assumed by the user.

Tips for selecting the right installer

  • Get bids from multiple installers
  • Discuss different financing options to find the one who is right for you
  • Ask questions, such as the ones suggested in our Questions To Ask Your Solar Installer article
  • Get references from others who have worked with your installer

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