Why Battery Storage?

Battery storage makes your home more resilient by powering it with clean energy during electrical outages, and can be used to augment solar power. This essential add-on has many benefits:

Flexibility and Function

  • Battery storage can be paired with solar electric systems to maximize how much energy generated by your solar panels is used directly in your home.
  • With a battery instead of a standard generator, there is no need to buy and store fuel in case of a power outage, since your battery is charged with electricity from the grid or your solar panels.
  • Battery storage makes your home more resilient by helping you to avoid losing power during an outage.

Ongoing Revenue

  • You can take advantage of state and other incentive programs to earn revenue from battery storage.

Complements Solar

  • When paired with solar, battery storage systems can store excess electricity charged by solar panels for use at night or during a power outage, making your home less reliant on the electric grid.

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