Advantages of pairing these two clean energy technologies include:

Maximizing utility bill savings

Heat pumps run on electricity – if your solar system is sized appropriately and your home is insulated and air-sealed, it can provide most or all of the power needed to run your heating and cooling system, saving you even more on your monthly bills.

Reducing your home’s carbon emissions

Your heating and cooling system and other electric loads can run on clean power, supplied by your solar electric system.

Air-source heat pumps offer a convenient and highly efficient option to heat and cool your home. Heat pumps run on electricity, meaning they pair well with a solar electric system.

Air-Source Heat Pumps
Solar Electricity

Wondering how to pair these two technologies and size your solar electric system to power your air-source heat pumps?
Read this article for more advice.

Other considerations

If solar panels are not an option for you, consider other clean energy alternatives to help reduce your monthly bills and support clean energy deployment on the electric grid:

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