Here are some essential questions you should consider before you buy:

What brand should I buy?

There are many brands to choose from, including new brands specializing in just battery-powered equipment, as well as brands that have been around for a long time and expanded into the battery-powered option. When purchasing outdoor battery-powered equipment, it may be advantageous to commit to a single brand. Batteries can usually be shared among equipment of the same brand, but different brands’ batteries aren’t interchangeable. Because you can buy equipment with or without batteries, sticking with one brand of equipment will help you save money—after you buy a couple tools with batteries, you can use those batteries for additional pieces of equipment rather than buying new ones.

Is a brushless motor better than a brushed motor?

Brushless motors are usually more expensive than brushed motors but have a longer life and require less maintenance. Brushless motors produce less heat, so they are more efficient and better for the environment. In addition, they offer smart motor technology that automatically adjusts the power requirement to match the task at hand.

How long does electric equipment last?

Battery-powered equipment will last longer than its gas-powered counterparts. You will have to replace the battery before the rest of the equipment wears out, but proper care can also increase a battery’s life. Different brands offer different warranties, so it’s important to compare.

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