These are the steps you’ll want to follow before installing a ground-source heat pump in your home:

  1. Learn how much this project will cost and find out what incentives are available.
  1. Contact installers. MassCEC recommends contacting at least three installers to learn more about installing ground source heat pumps at your property. Visit our Installer page for a list. Referrals from family, friends, or neighbors are another great way to find an installer.
  1. Prepare your home. If necessary, take preliminary measures to get your home ready for a new heating system, such as:
  • Upgrading your electrical service: If your home has less than 200 amp electrical service, talk to a ground-source heat pump installer about whether you may need to upgrade your electrical service.
  • Locate property plans and share them with an installer: Many towns have codes regarding how close ground-source heat pumps wells can be to a septic system, existing drinking water wells, and property lines. If you have a plot plan or blueprints of your property, share them with your installer so they can make sure your yard has adequate space for a drill rig or horizontal ground-source heat pump system that complies with all local regulations and codes.
  • Weatherize your home: Ground-source heat pumps operate best in well-insulated and air-sealed homes with efficient windows. Make sure to tell your installer about any weatherization measures you have done or are planning, so they can size your system appropriately.
  • Delay new landscaping until your ground-source heat pump is installed: the installation of a ground-source heat pump system will disrupt your yard. Grass, plantings, and walkways may be affected and may need to be refinished after the holes are dug.
  1. Install ground-source heat pumps. Talk to your installer about how long installation will take. Ground-source heat pump installations typically take between 2 to 4 weeks, depending on home size, system complexity, and schedules of the driller and installer.

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