By subscribing to a solar farm, you can cut down on your electricity costs and contribute to the expansion of clean energy, all without having to set up your own solar power system. As a bonus, you might get net metering credits or reductions that can bring down your electric bill even further.

Use our convenient project finder below to explore the options available in your local area. Here’s a simple guide to help you get started: 

  • Choose your electric utility: To discover community solar projects tailored to your needs, simply click on your electric utility from the menu on the left side of the map. Keep in mind that the community solar project should be within your utility’s service boundaries for enrollment.
  • Search for upcoming projects: To find projects more likely to be open for enrollment, set Project Status filter to “Coming Soon.”
  • Customize your search: Take a look at the list of projects in the table below the map. You can sort the list based on specific project features by clicking on the column titles. If you have specific locations in mind, use the interactive map to find projects in those areas.
  • Enroll: If you find a project you’re interested in, you’ll need to apply through the subscription manager handling project enrollments. It’s worth noting that the Developer listed in the table might not be the same as the organization managing subscriptions. Here’s how you can find the subscription manager:
    1. Click on the subscription manager logo in our list below and locate the project by its town.
    2. Take note of the project’s town name and search for “Town Name” Community Solar using a search engine. Look for information about the subscription company in your search.
    3. If all else fails, you can use the approximate zip code of the project’s location to find it on the EnergySage Community Solar Marketplace.

Please keep in mind that the projects listed below are part of the community solar projects developed under the SMART incentive program. They might not include projects from previous incentive programs or those within municipal utility territories not participating in SMART. We’re here to help you navigate the options and find the perfect fit for your solar journey! 

Here are some helpful terms to guide you through the process of enrolling in community solar:

  • Developer: The company applying for the SMART program (if they don’t manage subscriptions, check the instructions above to find the subscription management company).
  • Project Status:
    • Coming Soon: The project is under construction and may be seeking subscribers. 
    • Operational: The project is up and running, likely with all subscriptions filled.
  • Low-Income Focused: Half of the project’s capacity must be reserved for either:
    • Low-income customers (receiving discounted rates from a distribution company).
    • Residents of low-income Environmental Justice Communities (consult the map to determine if you live in one).
  • Solar Array Type: Describes where the solar panels are located, such as on a building or ground-mounted.
  • Operation Date: The day the project was finished and connected to the grid (for “Operational” projects).

Community Solar Marketplace

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Community Solar Subscription Managers

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Does your company provide community solar subscriptions in MA? If so, email to propose listing your organization here.

Please note MassCEC has absolute discretion to approve or deny a request to list an organization on our website.

*Disclaimer: MassCEC has not investigated, and MassCEC expressly disclaims any duty to investigate any company, product, service, process procedure, design, or other matter regarding community solar presented on this website. The entire risk of use of any installer, equipment vendor, company, product, service, process, procedure, or design is assumed by the customer.

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