What is battery-powered outdoor equipment?

Battery-powered lawn and outdoor equipment are cordless tools powered by rechargeable batteries. Battery-powered (or cordless electric) options are now offered for most popular outdoor equipment, such as mowers, leaf blowers, trimmers, chainsaws, snowblowers, and more. The power and runtime of cordless power tools are increasing rapidly and are now on par with gas-powered equipment. Landscaping professionals are transitioning some tools to battery-powered options and fully electric landscaping companies are becoming more common.

Most batteries are lithium-ion, which are light, long-lasting, and don’t lose power as the charge decreases. Battery-powered equipment comes with either brushed or brushless motors. Brushes are sliding devices within a motor that allow for the transfer of electricity. In brushless motors, magnets and electromagnets are used. Brushless motors last longer, are more efficient, reliable, quieter, and more powerful. Brushless motors are typically more expensive but last longer and require less maintenance.

Health benefits of battery-powered outdoor equipment

Battery-powered outdoor equipment is safer for your health than traditional tools. Gas-powered equipment emits hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen, particulate matter (damaging to the respiratory system), carbon monoxide (a poisonous gas), and carbon dioxide (contributing to global warming), causing negative effects to the lungs, heart, immune system, and detoxification system, and raising the risk of some cancers. The U.S. EPA estimates that hour-for-hour, gasoline-powered lawn mowers produce 11 times as much pollution as a new gas-powered car.

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