Estimated cost

The gains in efficiency from a heat pump clothes dryer will lead to greater energy savings over the lifetime of the dryer, but there is a higher upfront cost. In general, a heat pump clothes dryer costs about $400–$600 more than a conventional dryer with similar features. Before incentives or cosmetic upgrades, you can expect to pay $1,000–$1,500 for a compact or full-size heat pump dryer.

If you need to wire a new 240-volt outlet to accommodate the dryer, that will be an additional cost—about $300 on average.

The operating costs of a heat pump clothes dryer can be less than half that of a conventional electric dryer. Field studies have shown that compact heat pump dryers will save more than full-size hybrid heat pump dryers. Using the prices of natural gas (as of Fall 2021), homeowners replacing a conventional electric dryer will typically see higher savings than those replacing a gas dryer.


Depending on your electric provider, you may be eligible for different incentive programs.

  • Mass Save®/ENERGY STAR Rebate: You may be eligible for a $50 rebate for an ENERGY STAR certified heat pump clothes dryer. See the ENERGY STAR website for details and submit your rebate application through Mass Save®.
  • If you are served by a municipal electric company, visit your electricity provider’s webpage to see if it offers incentives for heat pump clothes dryers.


  • Heat pump clothes dryers can be financed like any other home appliance.

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