Here are some tips to help you use and care for your new heat pump clothes dryer:


  • When you first start using the dryer, you might need to experiment with the right settings to figure out what works for your laundry needs.
  • To make your dryer even more efficient, set your washer to run at the highest available spin-cycle speed to reduce the amount of moisture in the clothing when it goes into the dryer.

Professional maintenance

  • Maintenance requirements for heat pump clothes dryers are minimal. However, should the dryer need any repair or professional maintenance, you will want to contact the manufacturer (or your licensed installer) to perform service so as not to void your warranty.

Homeowner maintenance

  • Be sure to clean both lint filters regularly.
  • Pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some models require regular maintenance of the condenser coils, while others have self-cleaning mechanisms.

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