In colder regions, like Massachusetts, you’ll find that high-efficiency, cold-climate air-source heat pumps are a fantastic solution for meeting your home’s heating and cooling needs.

Curious about real experiences? Dive into the success stories of New England homeowners who have seamlessly run air-source heat pumps all through the winter. Any costs described in the case studies reflect incentives that were available at the time:

The Cadmus Group conducted research from Fall 2020 through Fall 2021 to evaluate the performance of cold-climate air-source heat pumps in both New York and Massachusetts. Homeowners who participated in this study were motivated to improve home comfort and cut down on their energy costs. The results? Air-source heat pumps proved to be more than twice as efficient as electric resistance heating throughout the winter, even during cold snaps. The homeowners reported being “generally very satisfied” with the heating and cooling capabilities of their air-source heat pump systems. You can delve into the details of this study here.

What about during the summer?

Heat pumps aren’t just your winter heroes; they shine during the warmer months too. When summer hits, air-source heat pumps work their magic by pulling warm air out and whisking it outside your home. Even amidst the humidity of a New England summer, these heat pumps keep their cool and dehumidify the air better than most traditional air conditioners. Air-source heat pumps provide two perks in one package!

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