Advantages of pairing these two clean energy technologies include:

Boosting Savings on Utility Bills

Heat pumps are powered by electricity. By making sure your solar system is sized properly and your home is insulated and air-sealed, you can use solar to generate most, if not all, of the energy required for your heating and cooling. This translates to even bigger savings on your monthly bills.

Making a Positive Environmental Impact

Your heating, cooling, and other electrical needs can be mostly or completely met with clean energy from your solar electric system. This means you’re reducing your home’s carbon footprint while enjoying comfortable temperatures.

Efficient and Convenient Heating and Cooling

Air-source heat pumps offer a user-friendly and highly efficient solution for maintaining the perfect temperature in your home. Since they operate on electricity, they’re a natural fit with a solar electric setup.

Air-Source Heat Pumps
Solar Electricity

Curious about how to seamlessly integrate these technologies and appropriately size your solar electric system to power your air-source heat pumps? Get advice from EnergySage.

Additional Considerations

If installing solar panels isn’t feasible for your situation, don’t worry. There are other clean energy options available that can help lower your monthly expenses and contribute to the growth of clean energy adoption on the grid.

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